Many of the mobile elements are currently made from special rigid vinyls and plastics. Others are fabricated from aluminum and steel. The armatures are stainless or black oxide steel wire, as are most of our wireform connectors and swivels.

Each mobile includes a clean-release ceiling anchor to allow the mobile to be hung without drilling a hole in the ceiling!


Our special hanger/bobbin can be hung in several ways and simplifies height adjustment.

CONNECTORS - Full Range of Motion

Combinations of jump rings and swivels are used to provide full rotation of some elements.

CONNECTORS - Controlled Range of Motion (CRM)

Some of our mobiles use our own steel CRM connectors (Controlled Range of Motion), which allow the elements to swing freely in a range of approximately 160 degrees. As a breeze catches and turns an element, each adjacent element in sequence will follow that action in a perpetual rhythm. Yet, in tranquil moments, the CRM encourages the mobile elements to return to their original design rhythm. The CRM also makes the mobile more tangle-resistant. Some mobiles use jump rings to create a more extended range of motion.


We take pride in quality in every phase of the creative and production processes. If you are dissatisfied with our products for any reason, please let us know. We guarantee your satisfaction.


In-stock items will usually ship within 3-5 working days. Large orders and special orders are shipped as production and customer requirements dictate.
Orders are shipped UPS ground or FedEx ground unless other arrangements are requested.


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